My name Brian, born and raised here in the Arizona sun.
By heart I am a musician by love I am marred to a beautiful women and we have 3 gorgeous children, by passion I am a photographer.
Im glad to say that I am self taught just as many of my influences are and find photography a medium un-saturated by my own minds eye. I truly feel that I look at the world around me with an untamed vision and eager to look at even more threw the lens of a camera. As I dwell further into this biz I find more and more people that haven't been exposed to the write experience. Wether your looking for just few images to full books, and prints I will be happy to work with any one with a few limitations of course. First you must, with out a doubt have a sense of humor, after all if you cant fun whats the point, secondly you have to be wiling to show a side of your self to me that you want the share with the world or at least your family & friends ; ).
I have experience in multiple fields, beauty/fashion/glamour/seniors/children/family/musicians. So please fill free to contact for a consultation..... I promise I don't bite nor with the camera.
I specialize in "light" which means any subject any age can be worked with so please do not hesitate to ask me anything about any style or any subject, because I allways like to explore new things.
I have full studio using Profoto creative lighting tools, I also like create "sets" for those interested in taken your shoot to the highest level and I even offer location shoots for those who have there own location in mind. If you are not looking the cookie cutter portraite you find at malls, well you found it!